This year, it's all about the music! We're psyched that we're in a state of the art rock venue with a fantastic sound system.

The Music Hall of Williamsburg features several spaces for you to wrock out or chill out. There's an upstairs lounge with a bar and a balcony viewing area with risers. There's a downstairs lounge, also with a bar, with the music from the main floor pumped in. Downstairs you will also find the band merch tables and some wizardy vendors.


Evie Tees: You've seen her merch EVERYWHERE, now get a hold of your very own I <3 Won Won tee or Maruders tote bag, amongst other stylish offerings.

The Cookie Lady, Jenn Drucker: Famous for her cute Potter-inspired confections

Liz Lewis: Purveyor of the most delicious chocolate frogs this side of the pond.

NYDA: The NYC Chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance will be raising money for charity with the sale of their Potterific hand-crafted goods, such as wands.


Layout © Liz Lewis
Liberty Image © Paul Liaw

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