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News & Updates

Thursday December 2, 2010

The second NYC Wizard Rock Festival was a huge success! Nearly 500 wizards and witches packed the Music Hall of Williamsburg on November 21st. Thank you to all the bands, staff, vendors, and most of all THE FANS that made this such a magical event.

We got some really sweet press coverage! (links below)

NYDaily News

The London Times: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

The Huffington Post



Wizarding Life

Riceburner FM

HEY! DID YOU LOSE SOMETHING AT THE FESTIVAL??? We picked up a bunch of cool suff that people left at the club at the end of the night. Please let us know if you're missing something. I'm hanging on to all the items until they are claimed. There were some seriously valuable things found, so please contact me through the OWL US link above so we can get these items back to you.

GOT PHOTOS? Upload them to our Flickr Group! Some talented photographers, including our own staffer, Chris, have already posted hundreds of photos. Go have a look!

The club didn't allow professional video taping at the show, but that didn't stop the fans from shooting clips with their phones and digital cameras. We're compiling them all in a playlist on our YouTube channel. Send us linkies to yours if you've got'em!

Also on our YouTube channel, you'll find some freaky sock puppet videos that a fan sent us. Yes, you can watch the sock puppet incarnations of your favorite NYCWRF bands!


Wednesday November 17, 2010

We've been getting a lot of questions about the venue lately. I've answered them below. If you have any other questions or concerns, click Owl Us in the navigation bar above. All owls go directly to the head coordinator, Stacy Pisani. Clicking the text in blue will lead you to either pictures or more information.

Q: I'm traveling from out of town and I will have luggage with me. Where can I store it?

A: Downstairs there is a coat check area. You can leave your stuff there. The venue might charge a fee. We have no control over this.

Q: It's a looooong day. Can I leave and get something to eat?

A: The venue is making a special exception to their regular policy since this is such a long event. Re-entry WILL be allowed for ticket-holders. Please alert the security staff at the door that you plan on returning to the venue before you leave. You can find food vendor trucks on North 5th Street and lots of cafes and delis on and around North 6th Street, North 7th Street, Bedford Avenue and Metropolitan avenue. Here's a map of local restaurants.

Q: It's a looooong day. Is there seating?

A: Yes. There is a lot of seating. You can chill out on the balcony where there are coctail tables and chairs as well as risers. Behind the balcony is a swanky lounge area with couches, comfy chairs, and a full bar. Downstairs is another swanky lounge with couches, another full bar, and speakers piping in the music from upstairs so you won't miss a thing. All these areas are open to all ticket holders. No VIP status necessary.

Q: Will there be a merch room like last time with band stuff and vendors?

A: Yes. The merch room will be in the downstairs lounge.All the bands will have merch for sale. We will also have a few vendors selling Potterific goodies. See our Features section for a complete list of vendors.

Q: I lost my ticket. What do I do?

A: Music Hall of Williamsburg and Ticketmaster are in complete control of ticketing and all ticketing issues are out of our hands. Ticketmaster does have a help center and gives instructions on what to do if you lose your ticket before the event. If your ticket issue isn't resolved with them, email us and we'll try to help as best we can. You can reach us by clicking the "Owl Us" link in the avigation bar above.

Tuesday November 16, 2010

Here is the complete schedule for the NYC Wizard Rock Festival:

1:00 Doors open

1:30 Madame Pince and the Librarians

1:50 The Cruciatus Curse

2:25 Snidget

3:00 Diagon Alley

3:35 The Blibbering Humdingers

4:10 Hawthorn and Holly

4:45 Celestial Warmbottom

5:00 House of Black

5:40 Justin Finch Fletchley and the Sugar Quills

6:20 Tonks and the Aurors

6:55 Swish and Flick

7:25 The Whomping Willows

8:15 The Remus Lupins

9:00 Draco and the Malfoys

9:40 Ministry of Magic

10:25 End

Please note you WILL be allowed to leave the club to get food. We have made special arrangements with the club so that re-entry WILL be allowed. If you do not wish to leave the club, but you feel hungry, there will be a couple of vendors selling sweet snacks.

Tuesday September 28, 2010

It's time to party like you're evil at the NYC Wizard Rock Festival with evil wizard rockers Draco and the Malfoys, Swish and Flick, and The Cruciatus Curse! No sleep 'till Brooklyn!


Tuesday August 10, 2010

Guess who's performing at the NYC Wizard Rock Festival? It's the Whomping Willows, Tonks and the Aurors, The House of Black and Madame Pince and the Librarians! That's in addition to Ministry of Magic! Stay tuned for MORE band announcements!

Thursday July 29, 2010

Ticket sales open July 31st at 12 noon! That's Harry Potter's birthday, for those who are running off Muggle calendars!

Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster or at the Mercury Lounge box office: $20 for advance tickets; $25 at the door on the day of the show.

You can purchase tickets over the phone by calling Ticketmaster at 800.745.3000. Tickets to Music Hall of Williamsburg shows are sold at the Mercury Lounge and Music Hall of Williamsburg box offices free of service charges.

Mercury Lounge is open Mon-Sat: 12-7 PM Music Hall of Williamsburg open Saturdays only: 11-6 PM Both box offices are cash only! If tickets do not sell out in advance, they will be sold at the door on the day of the show. Get yours early to ensure admittance! We cannot guarantee the availability of at-the-door tickets for everyone who wants them.

Tuesday July 27, 2010

We are thrilled to announce that MINISTRY OF MAGIC will be headlining the NYC Wizard Rock Festival this year!

About Ministry of Magic:
When Jason Munday, Luke Conard, Mark Jennings, Jeremy Jennings, Aaron Nordyke and Ryan Seiler combine forces, the result is purely awesome: Ministry of Magic. With their electronic pop beats and catchy lyrical hooks, Ministry of Magic has taken wizard rock by storm since 2007, turning every performance into a dance party. Their high-energy performance and emotional dance anthems have been known to bring down the house at wrock events all over the country.

So gear up to get down and keep an eye out for our other soon-to-be-announced power bands in this year's lineup!

Tuesday July 6, 2010

We are pleased to announce that the NYC Wizard Rock Festival will be returning this year! On November 21st, 2010, join us at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Details to come!

Thursday September 24, 2008

On behalf of the organizing committee, Swish and Flick, and The Group That Shall Not Be Named, I would like to thank everybody who attended the NYC Wizard Rock Festival, including our fabulous wrockers. I also want to thank all the vendors and artists for providing magical amusements throughout the day and feeding the hungry wizards. Over 300 witches, wizards, magical creatures, and muggles wrocked out to 17 Harry Potter-inspired bands for 8 hours. We sang, danced, screamed, laughed, and even cried. But most of all, we reveled in the power of love, music, and community spirit that embodies Wizard Rock. It was truly a special, magical day and Im so glad I could share it with you.

With sincerest gratitude and love,
Stacy Pisani

Wednesday September 10, 2008

As the NYCWRF swiftly approaches, we'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you, our festival-goers, to the fine vendors, merchants, and enchanting extras our Festival has to offer. Yes, we're about the music, but we're about a lot more. Immerse yourself in Harry Potter-ness as you shop at such fine establishments as PotterTees and WizardTies. Frolic with your face painted, a magically shaped balloon in hand, as you head to a tarot reading by Madame Vablatsky. Loom ominously as you earn your Dark Mark, and commemorate the occasion in our portrait studio! Visit Ray Bari Pizza's kiosk to really get a taste of New York City magic. And of course, there's SO MUCH MORE! Take a look at our Features page to see what else we have in store!

Monday September 8, 2008

We deeply apologize for the confusing changes in our ticketing policies that have occurred in the past weeks. The following is our current and final ticket policy. Please read it carefully as it pertains to everyone who bought tickets on our website.


EVERYONE who purchased tickets on-line will receive a confirmation email with an attachment containing a PDF of your tickets. You will receive a separate email with PDF attachment for each ticket you purchased. Print out all the tickets you bought and present it at the door for admission.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our new ticket policy or if you did not receive the email with your e-tickets.

Sunday September 7, 2008

The NYC Wizard Rock Festival is just days away! We are pleased to announce the schedule of performers for the Festival! Check out our Schedule page to see which of your favorite wrock bands are playing when so you can optimize your wrocking time!

Monday August 25, 2008

To help aid our out-of-town festival-goers, we have compiled a semi-comprehensive list of hotels and hostels in NYC that you may want to consider when looking for and booking accomodations. We by no means endorse any of these locations, we have simply tried to make your travel plans a little easier. Check out our Getting Here section for our new addition, Staying Here, where the list of lodgings can be found. We have also added a link to, where you can find subway, bus and taxi directions/instructions to help you get where you need to be. We hope this helps ease your nerves in planning your trip to New York City and locating our venue. You can also check out our Forum to chat with fellow out-of-towners and resident New Yorkers for more detailed information or to match up your travel plans. Good luck!

Tuesday August 19, 2008

We are about a month away from the festival and tickets are going fast! Our web ticket reserves are nearly depleted. Remember that on-line ticket sales from our website end on September 7th, or whenever the reserves are depleted. After this, tickets will only be available to purchase at the club on the day of the show (cash only!) beginning at 12:45 PM. We fully expect the event to sell out. Please arrive at the venue early to line up if you need to buy your ticket. And if you bought your ticket from our website, arrive early to check-in. This will be the biggest wizard rock show New York has ever seen - you don't want to be left out of this historic event!

Also, our FORUM is now operational! Come check it out now!

Friday August 1, 2008

The NYCWRF is proud to present a new feature to our website! Now YOU can be featured on our website and become a part of the festival before it even starts. Check out our Show The Love section, where you can see pictures of fans, wrockers, and others in the Wizarding community posing with our official flyer, as well as videos of prominent wrockers featured in our festival lineup. If you would like to be featured in this section, check out the instructions at the top of the Show The Love page and send us your pictures and videos! You can even send us drawings of yourself if you'd like. Whatever you send, have fun with it!

Friday July 11, 2008

The NYC Wizard Rock Festival announced their final lineup for the September 21st event at Public Assembly (formerly Galapagos) in Brooklyn. Draco and the Malfoys will headline the first ever Harry Potter-inspired music festival in the Big Apple. A total of 16 bands will perform:

The Butterbeer Experience
The Cedric Diggorys
Celestial Warmbottom
DJ Luna Lovegood
Draco & the Malfoys
Fred & George
The Hungarian Horntails
Justin Finch-Fletchley & the Sugar Quills
Lauren from The Moaning Myrtles
Oliver Boyd & the Remembralls
The Princess of Hogwarts
The Remus Lupins
Split Seven Ways
Swish & Flick
The Whomping Willows

The festival will also include many Enchanting Extras:
Artist's Alley featuring illustrators Dave Roman & John Green
Costume Portrait Studio with photography by Jen Zak
Magical Merchants including vendors of Harry Potter themed apparel
Face-painting and henna tattooing

If you would like to be included in the room of Enchanting Extras as an artist or vendor, please contact Stacy Pisani.

Tickets are $20 for a full day of wizard rock, and can only be purchased from the festival's website. A limited quantity will be available for purchase at Public Assembly at 12:45 PM on September 21st. The NYC Wizard Rock Festival is expected to sell out, so get your tickets early!

The NYC Wizard Rock Festival is presented by Swish and Flick and The Group That Shall Not Be Named, the largest Harry Potter group in the world. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring the NYC Wizard Rock Festival, contact Stacy Pisani.

Thursday July 3, 2008

The NYCWRF reveals it's final two surprise bands today! Rounding out the lineup established thus far will be The Butterbeer Experience, a band based in our very own state of New York, and The Princess of Hogwarts, who comes to us from Pennsylvania. These are our final surprises, so check out our complete lineup here.

Friday June 27, 2008

The club previously known as Galapagos and referred to on our website as 70 North 6th Street has finally announced their new name! The club now goes by the name Public Assembly, so keep this in mind while locating our venue on the day of the Festival.

Wednesday June 18, 2008

NYCWRF reveals another one of our surprise bands!

It was confirmed today that The Remus Lupins will be performing at the Festival! Self-described as "Wizard Rock with a bite," The Remus Lupins have been writing songs about the Harry Potter universe since 2005. We solemnly swear that we're up to no good as we welcome this werewolf-themed band to our show!

Friday June 13, 2008

NYCWRF reveals two of our surprise bands!

We are so excited to announce that Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls will be performing at the NYCWRF! That makes our show even MORE of an international affair, as Christian hails from Canada. But he's not the only one to travel from abroad to wrock out with us on Sept. 21st - Zoe from Split Seven Ways is coming all the way from the UK! We are also proud to present Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills as part of our amazing line-up!

Monday June 09, 2008

Calling all witches and wizards! Come "wrock" with us at NYC's first ever wizard rock festival Sunday September 21, 2008. This all-ages event will be headlined by evil wizard rockers Draco and the Malfoys. Held at Brooklyn's hip indie-rock venue, the former Galapagos, the NYC Wizard Rock Festival will host an incredible line-up of bands, including The Whomping Willows and many more. Come join us for a full day of magical amusements and music!

Inspired by the Harry Potter books, this festival is a must for fans of the beloved series and will also appeal to lovers of independent music.

Though tickets will be sold at the door, we expect this to be a very popular event and encourage all to purchase their tickets early on-line.

For more information, contact Stacy Pisani.

PDF Version: NYCWRF Press Release

Wednesday May 28, 2008

As early as 1997, Harry Potter captured the hearts and imaginations of both children and adults alike the world over. Seven books and five films later, Harry continues to thrill and entertain us with stories of magic, perseverance, and courage. But that's not all. Harry's story has inspired a whole genre of music as well, sparking the international phenomenon known as Wizard Rock.

So, come join us in New York City on September 21st for the first ever NYC Wizard Rock Festival! We have a fabulous lineup of bands, including headliners Draco and the Malfoys and The Whomping Willows, as well as a whole bunch of wonderful performers. For some of our musical guests, it will be their first time performing in New York City, and certainly the Festival will be the first of its size in the northeast.

Take a train, take a plane, take a car, or catch a ride on a passing Hippogriff, because you won't want to miss such a historic event! All are invited, but you'd better get your tickets while you can, because every Witch, Wizard and Muggle will be hustling down to the Big Apple to be a part of this momentous (and did we mention tons of fun?) occasion!

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